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Our journey started in New York, the cuisine and cultural melting pot of the World. Our mission - to see how Cobra complemented some of the city’s most delicious dishes, proved to be quite the experience! From the people we met, to the sights we saw, the smells we were surrounded by, to the flavours we tasted, were truly amazing. 

To be able to taste the best New York has to offer, was a true privilege. 

We visited some of the city’s infamous restaurants, including La Esquina, where we tried street food favourite Authentic Mexican Elote, and Brooklyn’s 1 OR 8 where we feasted on Fresh Japanese Sashimi.

We had the chance to enjoy simple classics like Italian Three Cheese Spaghetti, to luxury dishes like Buttery Boiled Lobster, and we loved every mouthful!

Cobra offered a refreshing contrast to the fieriness of the Mexican Elote and cut through the creaminess of the cheesy spaghetti, proving just how well it matches with a whole host of cuisines.

We left the Big Apple inspired by the great combination and range of flavours we enjoyed and thought we’d share our favourite recipes for you to recreate at home, washed down with a delicious Cobra.

Bon Appetit!