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  • The ICONS

    On every Cobra Beer bottle you'll find our story embossed into the very glass. It brings to life the journey we took from a brewery in Bangalore to the lips of beer lovers all over the world.

  • Icones_The Globe

    The GLOBE:

    Inspired by the cuisines and cultures from countries worldwide, Cobra beer is a truly global brand, with a passion for exploring and enjoying delicious flavours in food and drink.

  • Icones_The Elephant

    The Elephant and Barrel:

    A striking symbol of strength and determination, the elephant represents how single-minded our founder, Lord Bilimoria, has been on achieving success.

  • Hops

    The Hops:

    The unique combination of three different hop types used in our liquid, together with maize and barley, is key to creating our complex, deliciously smooth and distinctive, Cobra recipe.

  • Scales

    The Scales:

    These scales are symbolic of the odds which were weighed against Cobra’s success in the brand’s early days. ‘Against all odds’ is a mantra that we, at Cobra, still live by. It has helped us overcome many challenges to become a key player on the World Beer stage.

  • Palms

    The Palms

    A nod to the palm trees of our homeland, India. As we continue to evolve, developing products to delight our consumers and drawing inspiration from many different lands, we take time to appreciate the journey we have travelled to date, whilst looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead.

  • Signature

    The Signature:

    The signature of our founder, Lord Bilimoria. His personal seal of commitment to delivering excellence in every pint and bottle of Cobra beer.

The Cobra STORY

Lord Karan Bilimoria founded Cobra Beer in 1989 having realised that Britain deserved a better, smoother, less gassy lager.

Using the finest natural ingredients and a traditional Indian blend of barley malt and yeast, with maize, hops, and rice, he created an extra smooth and less gassy beer, quite unlike any other.

Originally planned to be called Panther, the beer was ready to go, but the name wasn't popular with customers and was changed to Cobra at the eleventh hour.

The rest, as they say, is history.