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Buttery Boiled Lobster


Live lobster (allow one per person)
A large pan of salted water – big enough for the number of lobsters you are cooking
Melted butter
Crusty bread


1. Salt your water at a tbsp of salt to every litre of water. Your pan should be three quarters full. Bring your salted water to full boil.
2. Hold each lobster upside down by the body and lower it head first into the boiling water. Cover your pan.
3. Boil for 20 – 30 minutes depending on the size of your lobster. When done, they will be a bright red colour, but always check your lobster meat is opaque before eating.
4. Remove lobsters from the pan with a pair of tongs and place on a plate or chopping board to cool.

Eating your Lobster
You'll need:

A nutcracker
Kitchen scissors
2 bowls, one for the meat and one for the shell
Napkins or kitchen roll (this can get messy!)

1. Remove any rubber bands from the claws. Twist them away from the body at the joints. Then separate the joint from the claw.
2. Gently pull back the larger part of the claw until it breaks. You want the little bit of meat inside the small part of the claw to stay attached.
3. Using a nutcracker, crack the larger part of the claw. Be careful not to crush the meat inside.
4. Separate out any meat from shell.
5. Using kitchen scissors cut the knuckle shell lengthways. Pull open the shell and pull out the meat in one piece.
6. You can eat the legs of larger lobsters. Do this by bending back the legs to break them, where a piece of meat will remain attached.
7. The largest piece of meat is in the tail. Bend the tail backwards to remove from the body. The green thing you see will be the lobster’s liver, choose to eat this or not!
8. Female lobsters also have roe which you can choose to eat or not.
9. Further bend back the ‘flipper’ section of the tail to reveal more meat. Then use your finger to in the opening to push out the tail meat. Be sure to remove the digestive tract which runs down the tail.
10. Dip the meat and bread into your melted butter – heaven!